North Indian Food

An average North-Indian food culture would contain chapatis or rotis (unleavened bread baked on the griddle) or paranthas (unleavened bread fried on the griddle), rice as well as an assortment of assessories like dals, friend vegetables, curries, curd, chutney, and pickles.

West Indian Food

In western India, the desert cuisine is known for its unique taste and types of food. Rajasthan and Gujarat would be the states that represent the desseert flavor of Indian food. Here an enormous variety of dals and achars (pickles/preserves) can be used that simply substitutes the relative insufficient fresh vegetables during these areas.

East Indian Food

Within the eastern India, the Bengali and Assamese types of cooking are noticeable. The staple food of Bengalis may be the yummy mixture of rice and fish. Usually Bengalis love eating types of fishes. A unique way of preparing the delicacy referred to as ‘Hilsa’ is by wrapping it within the pumpkin leaf and then cooking it.

South Indian Food

South Indian food culture is basically non-greasy, roasted and steamed. Rice may be the staple diet and forms the foundation of every meal. It is almost always served with sambhar, rasam (a thin soup), dry and curried vegetables along with a curd preparation called pachadi. Coconut is a vital ingredient in most South Indian food.


Dosas are a South Indian staple, and you won’t travel far in Kerala or Karnataka before coming across one of these moreish crispy pancakes. Made from fermented rice batter, they come in a variety of forms, the most common of which is the masala dosa, where the pancake is stuffed with a spicy potato curry

Kaju barfi

Indian sweets can be very sweet indeed, and only the sweetest of tooths could work their way through a box of kaju barfi. Barfi is a kind of fudge made from milk that has been boiled down and condensed, and kaju barfi are creamy white chunks of temptation, topped with silver leaf (which you eat) for good measure

Naan bread

Another simple yet essential part of an Indian meal, in the north at least, naan is a leavened flatbread that is kneaded with yoghurt and baked on the sides of a deep clay over – the tandoor that lends its name to the tandoori cuisine of North India. Thick and chewy, it is the perfect accompaniment for rich meaty dishes. Purists prefer it plain, though you can also bake it with garlic or with coconut and almonds (peshwari)

Follow These Steps and You'll be Expertly Eating Like an Indian and Enjoying It

  • Serve a small portion of each main dish (vegetables/meat) onto your plate.

  • Add items from the side dishes as well, if you wish to eat them.

  • Using your right hand only, tear off a smallish piece of the Indian bread (around 1 x 1.5 inches in size) and place it over some of the vegetables or meat. If any of the food pieces are too large to be picked up and eaten, press the bread down on them with your fingers to flatten or break them up.

  • Now, take some rice and put it on your plate. Rice is traditionally eaten with daal, so you should pour a little of it over some of the rice. Also, add some more of the main dishes to your plate.

  • Here's where things start to get a little messy and complicated! Use all five fingers to work the combined rice and daal, or rice and main dish, into a ball.

  • Bring your hand up to your face, place the thumb behind the food ball and use it to guide the food into your mouth. Kind of flick the food ball into your mouth with your thumb

  • Repeat this process as necessary by mixing the daal or main dish together with the rice. Of course, alternate your eating with a portion of one of the side dishes.

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